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childrens puzzlesChildren today are immersed in a world of unprecedented learning opportunities that haven’t existing in past generations.

Years ago, a child who was interested in construction-type toys was limited to Lincoln Logs, Erector sets, and Tinker Toys. Today he or she has hundreds of choices from classics that are still being made, magnetic building blocks, Legos, wooden architecture sets, even kits made from plastic straws.

There are now electronic learning toys, robots, mechanical games, chemistry sets (much safer these days), physics workshops, electronics learning sets, spelling and reading aids, and learning apps for the smartphone and tablets.

Smart parents know that it’s important to keep kids challenged, keep them advancing, and satisfy their natural willingness to learn. Fun games and toys are the solution.

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best car dealsEvery month, car companies and their dealers offer special limited-time promotional car deals, called incentives.

Incentives are offered in a variety of forms — rebates, loyalty bonuses, low-interest loan rates, 0% APR loans (no interest), trade-in bonuses, special lease deals, and factory-to-dealer cash.

These offers are genuine good deals, especially for outgoing models that are being replaced by newer models.  Since the deals are sponsored by car manufacturers, customers would be unable to negotiate such good deals with car dealers without the manufacturers’ help.

What’s the catch?

First, car companies offer incentives only for a limited time, usually one month. After that, they might renew the incentives, or discontinue them.

Second, car incentives are typically limited only to selected vehicle models and styles. If you like the model and style being promoted, you can get a great deal. If not, and you want another model or style, you’ll have to get your deal the hard way — negotiate for hours with your dealer.

At Best Car Deals, we show you the latest new car incentives where you can find the best car deals of the month.

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Best OBD Scanner-ReaderWhy buy a OBD II scanner-reader for your car or truck?

First, it can save you a ton of money — and time. You can scan your own vehicle problems and avoid a lengthy expensive trip to a mechanic to learn that your gas cap is loose or needs to be replaced.  Diagnose the problem and fix it yourself.

Certainly, an OBD II code reader will cost you a little money up front, but the more you use it, the more you save on mechanics and high parts costs, the more the reader pays for itself.

In fact, it can pay for itself the first time you use it, depending on what the problem turns out to be.

An OBD code scanner can also help eliminate worry and surprises. If your “engine check” light keeps coming on and you find the problem is a faulty oxygen sensor, you know you won’t damage your car if keep driving it for a couple of days until you can fix it.

Most OBD scanners are easy to use. Simply plug it into the socket under the dash on any car, and begin checking. It’ll tell you if it finds problems and will display the codes. Some scanners translate the codes and others do not. If not, you can look the codes up for your vehicle online.

We have looked at actual owner/user reviews of OBD diagnostic code readers and have selected the top makes and models. Click on the following link to take a look at the results:

Best OBD Diagnostic Code Readers / Scanners

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