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best car dealsEvery month, car companies and their dealers offer special limited-time promotional car deals, called incentives.

Incentives are offered in a variety of forms — rebates, loyalty bonuses, low-interest loan rates, 0% APR loans (no interest), trade-in bonuses, special lease deals, and factory-to-dealer cash.

These offers are genuine good deals, especially for outgoing models that are being replaced by newer models.  Since the deals are sponsored by car manufacturers, customers would be unable to negotiate such good deals with car dealers without the manufacturers’ help.

What’s the catch?

First, car companies offer incentives only for a limited time, usually one month. After that, they might renew the incentives, or discontinue them.

Second, car incentives are typically limited only to selected vehicle models and styles. If you like the model and style being promoted, you can get a great deal. If not, and you want another model or style, you’ll have to get your deal the hard way — negotiate for hours with your dealer.

At Best Car Deals, we show you the latest new car incentives where you can find the best car deals of the month.

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childrens puzzlesChildren love puzzles — jigsaw puzzles, peg puzzles, floor puzzles, 3D puzzles, animal puzzles, alphabet and numbers puzzles.

Puzzles are not only fun but they also educate and challenge kids, as well as teaching them about goal-oriented tasks that are rewarding at the end. The look of accomplishment on a kid’s face after completing a puzzle for the first time is priceless.

For parents, it’s very satisfying to watch a child develop and learn as he or she masters a particular puzzle and then progresses on to higher levels of difficulty. It’s a form of problem solving and skill-building that will benefit a child throughout his or her entire life.

Puzzles can teach shapes, sizes, colors, the alphabet, numbers and counting, animal identification, telling time, as well as structure and order. These skills, when learned early, give kids an important advantage when entering school later.

We have researched hundreds of kids’ puzzles and compiled customer reviews to find those we believe to be the best. It’s no great surprise that we find the Melissa & Doug products popping up at the top of most of our lists. This company has some of the most respected, safest, and well designed childrens’ toys and puzzles in the industry.

Best Kids Puzzles

Best Coffee Maker | CoffeermakerWe have selected the #1 best coffee maker by looking at actual user reviews of the top coffee makers on the market.

Customers of coffeemakers look for durability (is it going to last me more than a couple of months), construction quality (is it built well and will it work reliably), can it be programmed or set easily to meet my particular needs, does it have the features most people want, is is easy to use and clean, and is it worth the money I must spend.

Most coffee drinkers are very particular about their coffee brewer machines as well as their coffee blend. Both have to be just right.

What is significant about the reviews we found is that most owner/user reviewers are long-time coffee drinkers and have experience with coffee makers over a long period. So when these people say a particular brand and model coffee machine is good — you can bet it’s good.

To see our #1 choice in coffee makers, click on the following link:

Best Coffee Makers / Coffee Brewers

Best OBD Scanner-ReaderWhy buy a OBD II scanner-reader for your car or truck?

First, it can save you a ton of money — and time. You can scan your own vehicle problems and avoid a lengthy expensive trip to a mechanic to learn that your gas cap is loose or needs to be replaced.  Diagnose the problem and fix it yourself.

Certainly, an OBD II code reader will cost you a little money up front, but the more you use it, the more you save on mechanics and high parts costs, the more the reader pays for itself.

In fact, it can pay for itself the first time you use it, depending on what the problem turns out to be.

An OBD code scanner can also help eliminate worry and surprises. If your “engine check” light keeps coming on and you find the problem is a faulty oxygen sensor, you know you won’t damage your car if keep driving it for a couple of days until you can fix it.

Most OBD scanners are easy to use. Simply plug it into the socket under the dash on any car, and begin checking. It’ll tell you if it finds problems and will display the codes. Some scanners translate the codes and others do not. If not, you can look the codes up for your vehicle online.

We have looked at actual owner/user reviews of OBD diagnostic code readers and have selected the top makes and models. Click on the following link to take a look at the results:

Best OBD Diagnostic Code Readers / Scanners

Best Flashlight - ReviewsBuying a flashlight today is more than going down to your local hardware store or supermarket and picking up one of those big cheap “D” cell models with the short-life incandescent bulbs.

Modern technology has created much better flashlights today.

The best flashlights now are much brighter, produce whiter light, and are considerably smaller than their older cousins of yesteryear. They use LED (light emitting diodes) “bulbs” that almost never burn out and are much easier on batteries. Thanks to new computer technology (yes, your flashlight now is digital and is run by a computer), battery power is managed such that light output remains practically full brightness though the whole life of the batteries.

Furthermore, you can get multiple light levels, depending on your needs. You can also get strobe and SOS functions if you like, for outdoor emergencies.

The newest flashlights are rugged, being constructed of lightweight aircraft aluminum or practically indestructible nylon. Many are waterproof or water resistant, have practically unbreakable lens, and many even have self-defense features.

We have selected the best flashlights from the best companies, based on actual owner/user reviews. Click on the link below to see the results:

Best Flashlights | LED Flashlights

Number 1 Kids Balance BikeThe traditional way that kids learn to ride a bike is to use training wheels to learn to pedal first, then remove the training wheels and learn to balance later. This usually means that parents have to walk or run beside the child while first learning to balance. The child will almost always have an accident or two that results in not only bruised arms or legs, but also a bruised confidence.

Europeans have long known that it should be the other way around — the child should learn to balance first, and then learn to pedal. A Balance Bike is the way it’s done. A balance Bike has no pedals. The child can always reach the ground with his or her feet, walking or running while learning to pull their feet up to balance and coast. It’s easier on parents and the child learns on his or her own.

We’ve found the best Balance Bikes, based on actual owner/user reviews. Click on the link below to see our findings:

Best Kids Balance Bikes

A cold air intake is a simple system made up of a pipe and filter designed to bring unrestricted cool air into a car’s engine, to increase engine power and efficiency. It is one of the least expensive and most effective ways to increase a vehicle’s power performance.

Factory air intake systems tend to be restrictive, which sucks engine power and quiets engine noise.

Air intake kits come in a wide variety of types, colors, and configurations. They are relatively inexpensive and easy to self-install. Just be sure you purchase the exact model that fits your make/model vehicle.

We have chosen the best car air intake systems based on actual user reviews. Keep in mind that when you see the number of reviews on a particular model, it’s only reflecting the relatively small number of people for whom that model fits their make/model car. Since there are typically many, many models of the product — for the many makes/models of cars — you are only seeing a fraction of the reviews.

To view our picks for the top rated air intake systems click the link below:

Best Car Air Intake Systems and Kits

You have plenty of choices when it comes to buying a portable GPS navigation unit.

There are not only different brands of which Garmin, TomTom, Magellan, and Navigon are the leaders, but you also have a rich selection of features — wide screen, voice directions, traffic, route assist, Bluetooth for hands-free cell phone use, lane assist, fuel-efficient routing, world clock, calculator, currency converter, weather forecast, free map updates, worldwide maps, music players, photo display, and touchscreen.

We’ve analyzed owner/user reviews of many different makes and models, and have selected the #1 user-rated portable GPS unit. Many owners have had other GPS systems before, and have rated our selected system the best.

You can take a portable GPS with you from vehicle to vehicle, to rental cars, walking in a city, on a bicycle, or in your home or hotel to locate restaurants, banks, or other points of interest.

Once you own a portable GPS, you’ll find more uses for it than you imagined and wonder how you ever did without one.

Click on the link below to see our #1 best rated pick for a portable GPS unit.

Best Portable GPS Navigation Units

We found the best close-up photography macro lens (micro lens) for your Nikon digital camera, based on user reviews and professional evaluations.

Macro lenses must be chosen carefully.

Although there are many lenses to choose from there are also many differences — construction quality, internal/external focusing, focal length, zoom or fixed, auto focus speed, vibration reduction, glass quality, and closest minimal focus distance.

These characteristics can be important to a lens’ reliability, picture quality, useability, and user satisfaction. As with many other types of products, you get what you pay for with digital macro lenses.

To see our #1 pick in macro/micro lenses for Nikon digital SLR cameras, click on the following link:

Best Macro/Micro Lens

#1 Best Camcorder - Video CameraBuying a video camera or camcorder today can be a daunting experience — so many makes and models, and so many differences in performance, features, and price.

In the same price range, different camcorder brands and model variations can be quite different in what they can do and how well they do it.

New models come out frequently that if you don’t look closely, you’ll be buying last year’s leftover model when a newer version of the same model is available with better performance and features, and maybe even a lower price.

We have looked at hundreds of actual buyer/owner reviews and professional evaluations of many different camcorder brands and models in what we call the “mid-level” category — not low-cost, low function models, and not expensive high-end professional models — but models that are reasonably priced and provide stunning HD video footage, adequate internal digital memory that can be expanded, great ease of use, still photo capability (so you don’t need two cameras), good low-light performance, and image stablization (“shake control”) that actually works (some don’t).

Of the models we examined, we selected the one we felt was the best camcorder on the market right now. The model we selected has received great user reviews and most buyers love it.

Click on the following link to see the camcorder we have chosen as #1:

Best Video Camcorder – Video Camcorder

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